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Updated: April 14, 2024


The configuration of keys on a keyboard that establishes the location and operation of characters, symbols, and commands is known as a keyboard layout. Different keyboard layouts are developed based on language, region, or specific needs of users. Understanding various keyboard layouts is essential for efficient typing and productivity.

keyboard layout

How can I type faster on a keyboard?

There are several ways to improve your typing speed on a keyboard, such as practicing regularly, using online typing tutorials, and learning touch typing techniques.


The most widely used keyboard layout is named after the first six letters on the top row of keys.


Used in Germany, Austria, and parts of Eastern Europe, similar to QWERTY with a few differences.

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The QWERTY layout is the most widely used keyboard arrangement for Latin-script alphabets. The top row of the keyboard’s first six letters is the inspiration for its name. Christopher Sholes created and patented this arrangement in 1878 for the Sholes and Glidden typewriter, which subsequently evolved into the Remington No 1.

The layout was designed to prevent jamming on early typewriters by separating commonly used letter pairs from opposite keyboard sides. This was necessary because early typewriters had mechanical keys that would often jam if adjacent keys were pressed quickly. So, frequently used letter combinations were intentionally placed apart to slow down typing and reduce the likelihood of jams.

QWERTY keyboard layout


The QWERTZ keyboard layout is predominantly utilized in Central Europe, especially in nations that speak German, such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It’s similar to the QWERTY layout but with a few key differences, notably the placement of the “Y” and “Z” keys, which are swapped compared to QWERTY.

Programmer’s Dvorak Layout

The Programmer’s Dvorak layout is a modified version of the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard layout, designed specifically for programmers and developers. It retains many of the features of the original Dvorak layout, such as ergonomic key placement and optimized finger movement, but with some additional changes tailored to the needs of coding and programming tasks. 


The AZERTY layout is a keyboard arrangement used predominantly in French-speaking countries, including France, Belgium, and parts of Africa.  Its name derives from the first six letters on the upper row of the keyboard, much like the QWERTY layout. 


The HCESAR layout is an alternative keyboard layout designed by Martin Krzywinski, a bioinformatics scientist. It’s named after the first six letters in the top row of the keyboard, similar to QWERTY and other layouts. The HCESAR layout is specifically optimized for bioinformatics tasks, where researchers often work with DNA and protein sequences, as well as numerical data.


Keyboard layouts play a crucial role in determining how efficiently and comfortably we interact with computers and devices. Understanding the different keyboard layouts available can help individuals choose one that suits their needs and preferences, ultimately improving their typing speed, accuracy, and overall productivity. Whether it’s a traditional QWERTY layout or a more specialized ergonomic design, the right keyboard layout can make a significant difference in daily computing tasks.

FAQS  (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the keyboard layout for Hindi typing?

The most commonly used keyboard layout for Hindi typing is the Inscript layout, which follows the traditional Hindi script.

Is there a keyboard with a Mac layout?

Yes, there are keyboards available that are specifically designed with a Mac layout, including the placement of keys and shortcuts commonly used on Mac computers.

What is the difference between US and UK keyboard layouts?

The main difference between the US and UK keyboard layouts lies in the placement of certain characters and symbols, such as the “£” symbol and the “@” symbol, as well as the size and layout of certain keys.

What is the US keyboard layout?

The US keyboard layout is a standard keyboard layout commonly used in the United States, featuring the QWERTY arrangement of keys along with specific keys for functions and symbols.

Is there a keyboard with a typewriter layout?

Yes, there are keyboards available that mimic the layout and feel of traditional typewriter keyboards, providing a retro typing experience.

Who is the founder of the keyboard?

The invention of the keyboard is attributed to Christopher Latham Sholes, who developed the first practical typewriter keyboard in the 1870s.

What is the German keyboard layout?

The German keyboard layout features the QWERTZ arrangement of keys, with specific keys for German special characters such as “ß” and umlauts.

What is the function of a keyboard in a computer?

Using the keyboard, users can enter text, commands, and other data into a computer by pressing keys, enabling communication and interaction with the system.

What is the keyboard layout of an HP Elitebook?

The keyboard layout of an HP Elitebook typically follows the standard QWERTY arrangement of keys, with additional keys for functions and shortcuts specific to HP laptops.

What are guide keys on a keyboard?

Guide keys on a keyboard are special keys that provide users with visual references for key placement and alignment, helping them navigate and use the keyboard more efficiently.

What is the name of the symbol keyboard?

The symbol keyboard is also known as the “character map” or “keyboard viewer” on some operating systems, allowing users to access and insert various symbols and characters.

What is the keyboard layout for the Malayalam language?

The most commonly used keyboard layout for typing in Malayalam is the “Inscript” layout, which enables users to type in the Malayalam script.

How are keyboards designed?

Keyboards are designed with a specific layout of keys, taking into account user comfort, ergonomics, key spacing, and the arrangement of keys for optimal typing efficiency.

How many keys are on a standard keyboard?

A standard keyboard typically has 104 keys, including alphabetical keys, numeric keys, function keys, and special keys for functions and shortcuts.

Is there a way to use a keyboard online?

Yes, there are online keyboard tools and virtual keyboards available that allow users to type and input text using a keyboard interface accessed through a web browser.

What are keyboard letters?

Keyboard letters refer to the alphabetical keys on a keyboard that are used for typing letters of the alphabet, forming words, and inputting text into a computer or device.

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