Keyboard Symbols and Names 

Updated: April 16, 2024


Keyboard symbol names refer to the different characters, icons, and special symbols that are present on a standard computer keyboard. These symbols are essential for improving the keyboard’s usability and functionality since they let users enter different kinds of data, carry out commands, and interact with a variety of interfaces. Understanding the keyboard symbol names is essential for efficient communication, data entry, and overall usability of the keyboard.

Keyboard Symbols 

Keyboard symbols encompass a wide range of characters beyond letters and numbers, including punctuation marks, mathematical symbols, special characters, and function symbols.

Here’s an overview of some common keyboard symbols

Punctuation Marks

Time interval (.)

Period (,)

Colon (:)

semicolon (;)

A question mark (?)

The question mark (!)

apostrophe (‘)

Marks for Quotation (” “)

Mathematical Symbols

Plus (+)

Minus (-)

Multiplication (×)

Division (÷)

Equal (=)

Greater Than (>)

Less Than (<)

Percent (%)

mathematical symbols

Special Characters

At Symbol (@)

Number Sign/Hash/Pound (#)

The dollar sign ($)

The euro sign (€)

Sterling Pound Sign (£)

Yen Sign (¥)

Copyright Symbol (©)

Registered Trademark Symbol (®)

Trademark Symbol (™)

Degree Symbol (°)

Ampersand (&)

Brackets and Parentheses

Parentheses ( )

Square Brackets [ ]

Curly Braces { }

Angle Brackets < >

Logical and Other Symbols

Logical AND (∧)

Logical OR (∨)

Logical NOT (¬)

Infinity (∞)

Pi (π)

Delta (Δ)

Check Mark (✓)

Cross Mark (✗)

Arrow Symbols

Arrow Up (↑)

Arrow Down (↓)

Arrow to the left (←)

Arrow to the right (→)

The Arrow with Two Heads (↔)

Diagonal Arrows (↖ ↗ ↙ ↘)

Function Symbols

Play (▶)

Pause (||)

Stop (■)

Record (●)

Rewind (⏪)

Fast Forward (⏩)

Skip Backward (⏮)

Skip Forward (⏭)

Icons and Emoticons

Smiley Face (😊)

Sad Face (😢)

Heart (❤️)

Star (★)

Cross (✝)

Moon (🌙)

Sun (☀️)

Globe (🌐)

Telephone (☎️)

icons and emoticons

Using Keyboard Names

Here are the common keyboard names

Alphanumeric Keys

Alphanumeric keys are the fundamental keys on a keyboard that represent both letters of the alphabet (A) and numbers (0-9). They form the primary input method for typing text and numerical data. These keys are essential for a wide range of tasks, from composing emails and documents to entering data into spreadsheets and databases.

Backspace/Delete Key

The Backspace/Delete key is a vital tool for correcting mistakes and editing text on a computer. Depending on the operating system and application, it may be labeled as “Backspace” or “Delete,” but its function remains consistent: to remove characters from a document or input field.

Enter/Return Key

The Enter/Return key is a fundamental component of computer keyboards, used to confirm commands, input data, or move to the next line in a document. Used to confirm input or start a new line in text-based applications.

Tab Key

The Tab key, short for “Tabulation,” is a versatile tool on computer keyboards used for various functions, primarily aiding in navigation and organization within documents or forms. The Tab key enhances productivity and accessibility by facilitating efficient navigation, data entry, and text formatting in various software applications and digital environments.

Escape Key

The Escape key, often abbreviated as “Esc,” is a critical component of computer keyboards with multifaceted functionality across different software applications and operating systems. Its functionality is widely integrated into various computing environments to enhance user experience and workflow efficiency.


Keyboard symbol names are an integral part of the keyboard’s design and functionality, enabling users to input a diverse range of characters, commands, and functions. By familiarizing oneself with the various symbols and their names, individuals can effectively communicate, navigate through applications, and perform tasks efficiently on their computers or electronic devices. With a solid understanding of keyboard symbol names, users can optimize their typing speed, accuracy, and overall user experience, making the most out of the capabilities that the keyboard has to offer.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the name of the sign on a keyboard?

The sign on a keyboard is typically referred to as the “Shift” key, used to type uppercase letters and access the symbols located above the number keys.

What are the names of all the keys on a keyboard?

The keys on a keyboard can be categorized into various types such as alphabetical keys, numeric keys, function keys, navigation keys, and special keys like the Enter key or Space bar.

Is there a list of symbols on a keyboard with their names?

There are various symbols on a keyboard such as punctuation marks, mathematical symbols, currency symbols, and others, each with their own designated key.

What are the names of the symbol keys on a PC keyboard?

The symbol keys on a PC keyboard include keys like the Exclamation Mark (!), At Symbol (@), Dollar Sign ($), Percentage (%), Caret (^), Ampersand (&), and more depending on the layout and language settings.

What is the full form of a computer keyboard?

The full form of a computer keyboard is simply a device used to enter data into a computer by pressing keys that represent letters, numbers, symbols, or commands.

What are the names of all the keyboard symbol keys?

The names of the symbol keys on a keyboard can vary but typically include keys like the Exclamation Mark (!), Percent Sign (%), Dollar Sign ($), Ampersand (&), Asterisk (*), Parentheses (), Brackets [], and more depending on the keyboard layout and language settings.

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